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This is a subscription-based item.

Subscription cost is $15 /mo. per Otto unit, plus $0.0015 per measurement sent from Otto to private cloud space. Upon purchase, a Tako representative will contact you to determine your optimal measurement schedule.

Otto is the backbone of our operation; a go-between for your selected sensors and your user interface. Hook up your required sensors, turn on Otto and connect it to a gateway, then log on to your profile and set your reading speed to see your operations in real-time.

Otto Direct carries the unique benefit of having gateway capabilities built-in. In order to activate connection to the internet, simply run a LAN cable from your router to your Otto unit, power your device on, and begin taking readings from your attached sensors.

*A measurement is defined as the transmission of sensor data from one sensor or a group of sensors to a user's private cloud space.



  • Internet Connection: Internal Gateway
  • Connection Method: IPv4/IPv6
  • Max Distance: 100 ft. LAN cable


  • Input Voltage: 24VDC
  • Output Voltage to Sensors: 24V


  • Connects up to 7 sensors simultaneously
  • Configurable with any of our sensors
  • Customizable Reading Times (15 sec. - 1 hr.)


  • Device is programmed with a 32-bit ID and 128-bit authentication key at manufacturing time
  • 128-bit encryption on all device-to-device cloud data transmissions
  • Secure bootloader to prevent tampered firmware from running

Best For

Otto direct is best for smaller use case scenarios. Want to just monitor a few assets in your organization? This device can do that for you without requiring the use of a gateway or multiple gateways. Best use cases are grounded in organizations that have ready access to internet, as this device does require the use of a LAN port within 100 ft.

For more information on Otto and which model may best suit your needs, please contact us via the contact page.