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This is a subscription-based item.

Subscription cost is $15 /mo. per Otto unit, plus $0.0015 per measurement sent from Otto to private cloud space. Upon purchase, a Tako representative will contact you to determine your optimal measurement schedule.

Otto is the backbone of our operation; a go-between for your selected sensors and your user interface. Hook up your required sensors, turn on Otto and connect it to a gateway, then log on to your profile and set your reading speed to see your operations in real-time.

Otto + Cellular has the ability to connect directly to cellular signal via a built-in gateway and cellular signal generator. To activate cellular signal, select whether you would like Tako to include coverage upon shipping or if you would prefer to contact your local Verizon representative for a SIM card.

Should you choose to go through your local Verizon representative, simply place the SIM card inside the Verizon Mifi unit located inside of the enclosure and power on to begin sending readings from Otto.

*A measurement is defined as the transmission of sensor data from one sensor or a group of sensors to a user's private cloud space.



  • Internet Connection: Internal Gateway/Cellular
  • Connection Method: IPv4/IPv6
  • Usable Locations: All Locations with Active Verizon Coverage
  • Input Voltage: 24VDC
  • Output Voltage to Sensors: 24V
  • Connects up to 7 sensors simultaneously
  • Configurable with any of our sensors
  • Customizable Reading Times (15 sec. - 1 hr.)
  • Device is programmed with a 32-bit ID and 128-bit authentication key at manufacturing time
  • 128-bit encryption on all device-to-device cloud data transmissions
  • Secure bootloader to prevent tampered firmware from running

Best Uses

Otto + Cellular is best for remote location monitoring with a consistent power supply. Examples of this are 

  • Water systems in agricultural solutions
  • Municipal Water Treatment Plants
  • Construction Sites

For more information on Otto and which model may best suit your needs, please contact us via the contact page.